Adrian Jesus Falcon was born in 1972 as a first generation Mexican American in Del Rio, Texas,located along the Texas-Mexico border. There he attended school and developed a basic interest in the theory of design. After graduating from Del Rio High School he attended Texas Tech University, graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1996.
After graduating from Texas Tech University he worked as an Architect in Chicago, Illinois,Houston, Texas and traveled to Germany to study art and architecture. During this time hebegan extending his design ideas beyond architecture, understanding that everything has structure and the ability to move freely in a world of unlimited possibilities.
Pursuing his passion for art, in 1999 Falcon opened the first regional private contemporary arts gallery in Del Rio, Texas, the Falcon Art Gallery Texas. The gallery, housed in The Glenn-Dowe House, a Texas Historical Landmark, specializes in cutting edge contemporary art. For sixteen years Falcon Art Gallery Texas has maintained a reputation for exhibiting contemporary work of high quality, vision and innovation. The gallery promotes and encourages talented emerging and established artists from around the world on a local, national and international level.
Adrian continues to grow and develop his vision in the art world. With a commitment of giving back to a community that has given him so much, 2015 marked the development of the Falcon Art Center Foundation, in the Rodolfo Padilla Building. Located in the historic Del Rio San Felipe neighborhood, the foundation will introduce art theory and education to youth on a global platform. Engaging youth in art from a global perspective will emphasize commonalities shared by all peoples and at the same time understanding of differences within various cultures and subcultures.